Welcome to the San Luis Obispo County Alano Club

Since 1962, the San Luis Obispo County Alano Club has provided a safe and sober environment supporting those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Located in the heart of San Luis Obispo and open 5,000 hours per year, we provide facilities for over 30 recovery meetings per week. Over the years, thousands of people have supported eachother one day at a time to achieve long term sobriety.

Through our peer-to-peer support network, people can learn from others how to live and cope with life’s daily challenges and achieve long term sobriety. In any one day, you might see people helping each other with a college application, studying recovery literature, or providing support on family issues. Or you might see people sharing a cup of coffee, playing cards, or enjoying a sports broadcast.

Whether the support is recovery-based or addresses life skills, the Club  as a sober “hub”  has helped thousands of individuals and their families to recover from drug and alcohol dependence and become productive members of society.


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